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Participation Terms and conditions

1. General
  1. This protocol is meant to regulate the rules that the Virtual Hackathon HSV works by, that is meant for anyone who’s interested in taking part – students in formal frameworks and informal between the ages of 13-18. The HSV team that is led by Or Gavish and Galit Zamler, who manages the competition. 

  2. Hackathon HSV is an international educational competition that aims to encourage creativity, cooperation, and innovation to impact health, medicine, and welfare. 

  3. The Hackathon allows students to identify needs and challenges, work as a team with other teens of their age, be accompanied by expert mentors, and articulate themselves by taking part in a preliminary competition.

  4. HSV allows the participants to believe in their ability to change and get the tools and knowledge during the Hackathon to fulfill their ideas and make their mark in the world. By the end of the process, the teens will share their ideas, present them in front of judges, and get feedback to promote the ideas.

  5. Hackathon participants are committing to take part with open cameras in the online events during the Hackathon.

2. Hackathon’s Purpose
  1. Participating in the Hackathon connects the teens to Israel's entrepreneurial ecosystem, allowing them to be a part of the innovative community, sharing ideas, and being pro-active. Hackathon that combines workshops, entrepreneurial training camp designed and reputational accompanied by mentors, gives the participants inspiration and belief in their ability to create a change and an improvement in the surroundings and the society.

  2. The purpose of the competition, among other things, is to connect teenagers from all around the country and the world for a shared and empowering brainstorming, and to provide a platform for innovative ideas that come up from the young generation, and a feeling of meaning and calling, all of this during a certain amount of time.

Who is allowed to take part in the Hackathon ?
  1. Who is allowed to take part in the Hackathon?

  2. Teenagers between the ages of 13-18 from school around the country and the world, or privately, are allowed to participate in the competition.

4. The competition courses
  1. The Hackathon is managed by the HSV team. During the competition, teams from all around the country and the world are competing on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places, on the "audience's favorite", on the "judges favorite," and the title of creativity and originality.

  2. On the fourth day of the Vickathon on November 19, each team will present its idea in a pitch-style of entrepreneurs that lasts up to two minutes in front of the judges and the wide audience in an online event.
    The winners' announcement event will take part on November 26, as described on the website.

  3. The competition schedule:

    1. November 1st – completion of registration

    2. November 2nd – web-inner – the competition’s entering challenge.

    3. November 11th – submitting the challenge

    4. November 16th – opening event

    5. November 17th – training camp: development and finances

    6. November 18th – training camp: tools for a winning presentation

    7. November 19th – pitch day – online presentations in front of an audience of judges

    8. November 26th – announcement day and graduation event.

  4. The participant must stand in the threshold requirements, as explained on the opening webinar, and as described on the website. The initiatives must be submitted in the placed designed for, on the website

  5. The initiatives will be judged by a team of judges according to the criteria added below.

5. Rules of behavior
  1. Our online spaces are dedicated to providing a hassle-free experience for everyone, with no relation to gender or gender identity, language, age, sexual preference, disability, physical appearance, size and body type, race, or religion (or their absence). Zero tolerance policy for harassment of other contestants by any means. Inappropriate language and language of an offensive nature is completely unacceptable. Participants who break these rules will be dismissed immediately from the competition.

  2.  Be kind, be honest, and act politely. Keep a proper and respectable language.

  3. The participants in the Hackathon would submit only original ideas.

6. Judgment
  1. The judging process will begin by submitting the ventures to the HSV competition. Part of the score will be on the initial submission task.

  2.  Below is a table that specifies the different components in the scoring process and the judgment of the ventures:

7. General
  1. The HSV team keeps for itself the right to cancel the competition or postpone it at any time.

  2. The winners will be picked by the judging team according to their sole discretion and criteria. The judges’ decision is final and unquestionable.

  3.  The HSV team, including consultants and/or those on their behalf, will not be responsible for any fault and/or mistake caused in relation to the competition and/or prizes. Without derogating from the previously mentioned generality, the subscribers in this section will not be liable for any direct and/or indirect damage, including direct or indirect expenses caused to the participant and/or to any party such a malfunction and/or error.

  4. The law applies to these, regulations and all that derives from it shall be Israeli law only. The jurisdiction in all matters relating to the bylaws and the competition will be vested in the competent court in Tel Aviv only.

  5. Obsolescence – the limitation period for any claim against the HSV team and/or anyone on its behalf regarding any matter concerning and/or arising from this competition is three months from the competition’s ending date.

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